Characters 人物

Protagonists 主要人物:

1. Shep 谢普

shepShep is a painter from Venice Beach, CA. He’s very skilled, but he’s never managed to put his skill to real success because he’s never quite had the guts to fight for himself and too stubborn to take advices. Now, disappointment and the slow realization that he’ll never make it as a painter is wearing on Shep, makes his self esteem even lower. However, his genuine affection, care, humor and forgiveness of others still shines through his cheap cynicism and makes him a likable person.



2. Lan 安兰


Lan grew up in the Peach Blossom Village in the painting. She is intelligent, inspirational, and focus, but very odd – she felt the full range of emotions, and in a world where people never feel sadness or anger, her normality made her strange. Since lived in unsatisfied curiosity regarding her feelings – she’s craved to visit the world beyond the mountains.

Further, Lan has an odd ability – She sees our world through her dreams, and has long dreamt of Shep. In the beginning, Lan is not aware fully of her powers, but over her adventure, she will discover that she has magical abilities she must master in order to defeat Evil.




3. Eric 埃里克

ericEric is Shep’s friend. He grew up in Arcadia, CA, the only son of a middle class parents. Eric’s father died before Eric was born when a drunk drove up a sidewalk, and Eric’s mother, Meiying, raised him on her own. Meiying taught Eric to break into homes and offices and steal art since he was a boy. Now, however, Eric has his mind set on making himself a legitimate art dealer, but he may not actually have the responsibility for that.

Eric is always charming and manipulative. He loves to have fun, and as such, has made some friends that like too have too much fun – Eric’s grown irresponsible and selfish. Despite Eric’s flash, he and Shep are best friends, although Eric’s affection for Shep is more recently tempered by Shep’s increasing reliance on Eric for help.



4. Helena 海伦娜

helenaHelena is Shep’s older sister. Helena is an LAPD Detective, recently promoted. She’s a tough, streetwise and doesn’t give a damn what you think – she’s got a reputation for taking criminals down with her hands. Helena is flinty enough that she has a difficult time making friends, and is even distant from her younger brother. Helena loves Shep, but she’s disappointed that he didn’t grow up stronger and more assertive.

Helena doesn’t believe in Shep’s story about the Peach Blossom Neverland at first – she’s far too realistic for such things. But, when Shep is in trouble, Helena gets on board, and she shows her true loyalties.

海伦娜是谢普的姐姐,也是个最近被提升为警长的洛杉矶警察。 她是个严肃,暴力,不在乎他人想法的警察,以徒手制服罪犯而出名。她的性格导致她很难交到朋友,甚至和自己的亲弟弟也有距离感。海伦娜很爱谢普,但她同时对于他的不思上进感到很失望。



4. Brian 布莱恩

brianBrian is a professional thief, a graduate of knocking off gas stations, going to prison, and learning to steal the right ways. Brian has since focused on stealing art and valuables that he fences through Mexico. Brian is a thug, but he’s a smart thug with no aspirations to change – a real outlaw. Brian always sees his opportunity, and he’ll go after it with wits or fists, whichever offers the path of least resistance. Brian helps Eric with cash, but Brian also needs Eric to scout new heists.



Antagonist 反面角色:

Wei (The Taotie) 韦桑(饕餮)


Once, the Taotie was Wei, King of Shambala, a society of luxuriant genius. Wei ruled in kindness, and used his telepathic abilities to influence people to trade peacefully and beneficially with the other regions. Wei was so beloved that he communicated closely with Da – the creator of Shambhala.

But, when Jin trapped Da and the three worlds separated, Shambala was made poor and Wei found he couldn’t stand his life without luxuries – so he traveled until he reached the Peach Blossom Neverland, where he was trapped by the powerful magic there that made everyone happy. Wei found that he could only work on people’s wants, and since nobody in the PBN ever wanted, they were immune to the Wei’s power. Soon, he was nothing but a mist, and he never made it back to Shambala.

Since then, Wei has sought only satisfaction, and for that, the people of the PBN must be made unhappy first – then, Wei can bring himself back to his form, and help free Da to end his dissatisfaction and set things back to how they were. Wei is a formidable enemy – his ability to influence minds is no less since he’s lost his physical form.



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