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We have five major location setups in the series: Modern Los Angeles, Modern Hong Kong, The Peach Blossom Neverland, The Snow Mountain Shambhala, and The Desert Kingdom Loulan.  We haven’t decided on final shooting locations yet, but here are some locations we are planning to scout. Please let us know if you have any thoughts and recommendations through Facebook and Twitter!

本剧共有五个不同的世界场景: 当代洛杉矶,当代香港,桃花源,香巴拉,楼兰国。具体拍摄地点还未确定,我们将前往以下一些地点选景。请关注我们的Facebook,微博,微信平台,百度贴吧,并把你的想法和你对拍摄地点的建议告诉我们!

A. The Peach Blossom Neverland – A legendary paradise where people live in peace and happiness, without any negative thought. The village is built around a magical peach blossom tree and are surrounded by beautiful streams,blossoms,  and mountains.

A. 桃花源 – 这是一片传说中的人间仙境。那里的居民永远和平快乐,没有任何负面情绪。村庄围绕着一个有神力的桃树建造,四周环绕美丽的溪流,桃花林,和高山。

Location Scout: Chongqing/Sichuan, China. 选景:中国重庆、四川

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B. Shambala  – A spiritual kindom in the heart of the sacred snow mountains in Tibet, built around a great temple. People there have no emotional feeling such as joy or sadness, and they focus on the spirit connection with god more than the real life. The monks in the temple practice telekinesis power.

B. 香巴拉 – 这是一个在西藏圣洁雪山中心的国度,围绕着寺庙建成。那里的人们没有七情六欲,不懂喜怒哀乐,视灵魂和神明重于肉体和现实。寺庙中的喇嘛长期修炼用意念操控物体的能力。

Location Scout: Sichuan/Tibet, China. 选景:中国四川,西藏

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C. Loulan Kindom – A cruel and violent kindom in the middle of the great desert, the worst of human psychology and emotion runs rampant through the population. The wealthy lives in the castle in the oasis and leave their used dirty water to the poor.

C. 楼兰国 – 这是一个残酷暴力的沙漠之国,缺水,炎热,适者生存。富人住在城堡中享受沙漠绿洲的奢华,穷人住在帐篷里,只能使用有限的城堡中剩余的脏水。

Location scout – Xinjiang, China/India  选景 – 中国新疆,印度

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D. Modern Los Angeles 当代洛杉矶

venicla hollywood-city hoolywood

E. Modern Hong Kong 当代香港

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