The Story 故事



Once upon a timeIn a lost age of Chinese legend, there was a brilliant young artist named Da. Then, Da’s talent hit a new peak when his painting, The Three Realms, was so complete and real that at night, under the moon, the painting turned into a magical portal to the world Da imagined  – The Peach Blossom Neverland, The Snow Mountain Shambhala, and The Desert Kingdom Loulan.

But, as any creative type does, Da chiefly saw the flaws and imperfections in his work, and saw that the people that lived in his world did not live in total happiness – they were no better or worse than the people in the real world that Da scorned already.

So, Da asked a sorcerer to cast a spell to absorb the evilness from his people and put it in his own body. But the spell failed and turned Da into a monster.  Forever after, each realm of Da’s masterpiece would have only one third of the human spirit. The sorcerer locked Da in a jade stone, which he broke into three shards. He hid each of the shards in the three realms.

A thousand years later, the three paintings are no where to be found. But, the day of Da’s prophecy to return is quickly approaching…

千年前,在民不聊生的战乱时期,一个得到天地灵气,画龙点睛的画师创造了三幅画,分别化为三个奇幻国度 – 花之国桃花源,沙漠之国楼兰,冰雪之国香巴拉。每一幅画分别是从现实通向奇幻世界的入口。





Over eight episodes, broken into four parts of episode pairs, our hero Shep and his friend Eric will explore three fantasy worlds of legendary China – the Peach Blossom Neverland, Snow Mountain Shambala, and the Desert Kingdom Loulan. Along the way, Shep’s sister Helena, Eric’s partner in crime Brian, and a young woman with magical powers of her own from the Peach Blossom Neverland named Lan join their quest to stop Da – the original painter of the three fantasy worlds – from returning to life to fulfill his promise, or prophecy, of destruction.


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