Panda Base 熊猫基地

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Wanna see pandas in the show? We are collaborating with Chengdu Research Base, a non-profit organization engaged in wildlife research, captive breeding, conservation education, and educational tourism. Giant panda is an endangered species native to China, with a population less than 2000. 想看到熊猫在剧中出镜吗? 我们将会跟成都大熊猫基地合作。该基地是全球知名的集大熊猫科研繁育、保护教育、教育旅游、熊猫文化建设为一体的大熊猫等珍稀濒危野生动物保护研究机构。大熊猫是仅产于中国的珍稀濒危野生动物, 总体数量不足两千只。 The Panda Base will provide pandas …

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Characters 人物


Protagonists 主要人物: 1. Shep 谢普 Shep is a painter from Venice Beach, CA. He’s very skilled, but he’s never managed to put his skill to real success because he’s never quite had the guts to fight for himself and too stubborn to take advices. Now, disappointment and the slow realization …

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Locations 场景


We have five major location setups in the series: Modern Los Angeles, Modern Hong Kong, The Peach Blossom Neverland, The Snow Mountain Shambhala, and The Desert Kingdom Loulan.  We haven’t decided on final shooting locations yet, but here are some locations we are planning to scout. Please let us know if …

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